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He who works with his hands is a labourer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.


Jennifer Caie


How it all began....
At a young age, I decided to start oil painting, bought some primary colours, and black and white, and stayed up all night painting my very first oil on canvas of a closeup viola wildflower. With shocked parents and a smile on my face, I began. I lived in the foothills of Alberta at the time, which provided me with beautiful places to explore. I learned from anyone who was an Artist... reading, studying, doing. My dad even rented a room to a now famous artist, so I sat at his feet learning. Curiously I took music Theory in college, then headed to Banff school of fine arts. But, young and in love, I married instead! Work led us to NW Ontario, changing my view. Twenty-nine years and counting, I continue to paint and develop my work.

We have three boys, who helped me slow down and see the tiniest details of Nature! We've explored Canada's NW Ontario by foot, canoe, kayak, and bicycle.

Inspired by natural wild places, from the tiny flowers in the forest to the majestic rocky outcropping, I strive to capture the memory.

Product Descriptions

  • NW Ontario landscape artist
  • Framed Watercolour on paper
  • Matted Charcoal or ink on paper
  • Framed Oil on Glass paintings
  • Acrylic painting stretched canvas
  • Oil painting stretched canvas

Product Information

The canvases are all treated with uv protective spray.

The framed oil on glass is fine to display in direct light, it can take gentle glass cleaners or washed with warm sudsy dish soap, to remove fingerprints! The glassware is dishwasher safe on China setting, but I prefer to wash and dry by hand scrubbing or abrasives!