Eugene's love of drawing goes back as far as he can remember. Born in 1950, he grew up in the small town of Red Rock, Ontario. He attended the public school, where he would always be looking out the large classroom windows, drawing scenes of what he visualized from his endless daydreaming. Art was his favourite time in school, always going beyond what the average classmate created. During high school, Eugene was always chosen to be on the decoration committee for the school dances.

Eugene started out painting in oils, using a small Grumbacher paint set his sister sent to him as a Christmas present many years ago. In 1988, Eugene switched to acrylics, which he now finds much more versatile and easier to work with.

Being completely self-taught, Eugene's work has always focused on the minute details of nature: the cap of a mushroom, the veins of a leaf, the bark of a tree, the texture of rocks. "I try to keep my style continually evolving in new directions." His unique style of realism is now incorporating an enhanced flavour in the form of unusual and vivid colours. This puts a whole new perspective on nature. Eugene also likes to use many centers of interest within his paintings, which keeps the viewers eye constantly moving within the work.

Who knows where Eugene's art will take him next... he just knows that he wants to keep painting those glints of sunlight and deep shadows that so intrigue him and the minds of his viewers.

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