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Come and celebrate our 45th Fine Art and Craft Show!
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Lisa Dampier -  Lotsa Dots by Lisa

Lisa Dampier - Lotsa Dots by Lisa

Next in our biography series is Lisa Dampier with her Lotsa Dots By Lisa studio. Lisa is a new member to #ArtisansNorthwest, but has been on the radar of members for several years, so it was no surprise that Lisa applied to jury this year for membership. Lotsa Dots By Lisa is easily identifiable in our #localart market. Lisa Dampier is the mandala artist behind Lotsa Dots By Lisa. What started by taking an afternoon mandala rock-painting class in 2018 quickly turned into a passion for painting mandalas and dot art designs on a wide variety of mediums including mugs, wine glasses, wood and metal décor pieces, bookmarks, keychains, candle holders, and her personal favourite, Christmas ornaments. Lisa’s “day job” as a Math teacher has influenced her love of mandala art due to the geometry and symmetry of design. Everything she does is painted personally by hand, without the use of stencils or patterns, at her home studio in beautiful Neebing, Ontario. While she is primarily self-taught, she has been inspired by many other mandala artists including local artist Shannon Ellard of Superior Mandalas. Lisa’s art can be found at many local craft markets in and around Thunder Bay, as well as through her Facebook page Lotsa Dots By Lisa, her Instagram page @lotsa_dots_by_lisa, and on her website www.LotsaDotsByLisa.ca. Come down to #ArtisansNorthwest 's #45thfineartandcraftshow on #november20and21 at the Da Vinci Centre to see Lisa's work, and chat with her about her process and fantastic feel for colours!
Margaret Duncan

Margaret Duncan

Next in our biography series is longtime member Margaret A Duncan. Margaret's designed an identifiable, she has her own style that is at once classic and forward thinking. Margaret tells us about herself in her own words... My learning journey started when the time came to embrace knitting, a favoured household tradition for five year old girls in England. But it was a few decades and life events before I developed a passion for exploring the many types of knitting along with other areas of the fiber world. My husband was in the Military so while living in London Ont. I started my self learning era of intarsia making huge sweaters with more and more intricate designs. I continued this theme when moving to Barrie, and then moving to Calgary, discovered the wonderful world of a Knitting Guild. This opened up my opportunities of workshops with first class designers as well working with so many like minded people offering even more opportunities to the many techniques. Finally we moved to Thunder Bay and I joined the Thunder Bay Weavers and Spinners Guild as well as the Northwoods Fiber Guild in Grand Marais MN . Both guild's added to my skills as spinning, dying and felting were now being incorporated into my knitting world. Finally I then experimented with my own patterns, along with teaching various classes which finally led me to sell my work through Artisans Northwest, The Baggage Building Arts Centre and the Thunder Bay Weavers and Spinners Guild at the Thunder Bay Country Market. I love and am very proud to promote traditional skills in the community, all the while wrestling with trying to keep up with technology. The social media of Facebook and Instagram keeps me in touch with my fibre groups, access to information and a wonderful place to share and be inspired by so much talent. Come to #ArtisansNorthwest's #45thfineartandcraftshow on #november20and21 at the Da Vinci Centre and chat with Margaret about her designs and her process, as each piece has an interesting story. See you there!
Stefania Etreni- Art Designs by Stefania

Stefania Etreni- Art Designs by Stefania

Next in our biography series is Stefania Pellegrino Etreni, and her studio Art Designs by Stefania. Stefania has been a member for a few years, and has exploded into productivity in the last few! Stefania is a creative artist inspired by nature, music, travel and life experience. The scenery of her hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario has also had an influence on her artwork. Her style ranges from realism to abstract art. She creates acrylic paintings, resin and mixed media art, and functional art pieces. Glitter, stones, crystals and sea glass from Siderno, Italy are a few examples of the materials she uses on her art pieces. Using mixed media allows her to express her individuality and originality. Stefania has participated in numerous group shows and art contests in Italy, art shows in Thunder Bay, and she is a member of Artisans Northwest. During a vacation in Siderno, Italy in 2010, Stefania participated in an art contest called “Volti E Paesaggi Del Borgo Antico” with numerous talented artists. Her art piece was painted on the spot in front of a beautiful villa in Siderno, Superiore. She painted the interesting entrance of this villa and won 1st prize. Her amazing artwork was recognized with a beautiful plaque trophy. It was one of many highlights and memorable moments in her art journey. Stefania’s passion has led her to her goal of connecting with others through art in many inspiring places. As an artist, she loves creating beautiful and unique works for collectors to enjoy! Come and see Stefania at #artisansnorthwest's #45thfineartandcraftshow on #november20and21 at the Da Vinci Centre !
Andrea Goold -All Roots Grounded

Andrea Goold -All Roots Grounded

Next in our biography series is a new member of #ArtisansNorthwest, Andrea Goold, and her studio All Roots Grounded. Andrea's classic designs are easily identifiable, her style liked by many of all ages. Andrea tells us about her journey in her current medium below. The launch of All Roots Grounded (ARG), in 2020, was the result of discovering a new medium – polymer clay, and a renewed passion for creating during an unprecedented time. Polymer clay is a very diverse medium; it can be shaped, textured, painted, molded and is lightweight, making it ideal for statement earrings. Some designs are accentuated with other materials such as metals, wood, natural stones, Swarovski crystals, and freshwater pearls. ARG products are primarily earrings and hair clips. All items are handmade by me, Andrea Goold, in my home studio, which is filled with local artists work and creations. I have collected over the years. Inspiration for my designs are primarily from nature, and occasionally current trends! Creating and making keeps me focused and grounded; yet always encourages me to learn and grow. At the heart of the brand is the motto “Creativity with Conscience”. My wish, as my business grows, is to give back to communities and non-profits and truly embrace the shop small and support local values. I sincerely hope those that wear my products enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them. Come down to the Da Vinci Centre on #november20and21 for our #45thfineartandcraftshow and meet Andrea Goold, and see her designs for All Roots Grounded! All Roots Grounded will also be in our online show on #november22to28 on our website, ArtisansNorthwest.ca
Sue Holloway- The Woodland Faery

Sue Holloway- The Woodland Faery

Next in our biography series is Sue Holloway of The Woodland Faery by Sue Holloway. Sue creates wonderfully imaginative pieces that transport the viewer to another place and time. Sue tells us about herself and her art in her own words.... I am a homeschooling mother of two, artisan, educator, dreamer... In all that I do, I seek to see the beauty and wonder all around and within, and help others in doing the same. When my children came into the world, they brought with them (and inspired in me) an unwavering sense of freedom, wonder, imagination and creativity. It was when my eldest son turned three (15 years ago) that I created my first faery house. I spent many hours dreaming as that faery house sat in the corner, and different kids came through and played with it. Having been a young believer in the wee folk myself, the creation of this very first faery house opened up a world of imaginings and a few years later, a steady stream of creations. My creations are made primarily of natural materials I have collected in various backwoods, swamps, beaches etc. With my hip waders, backpack and handsaw, I head out to see what can be found. I make each design by capturing the magical elements “calling to me” from the materials and seeing how they all want to come together. They aim to spark imagination, creativity and wonder for both young and old and bring with them a sense of intrigue, charm and a wee bit of magic. My passion and creations continue to evolve as I grow, my inspirations change and I continue to discover more amazing gifts from the earth. Come down to the Da Vinci Centre on #november20and21 to see Sue's fantasy worlds in 3d form, chat with her about the wee folk, but put out a bowl of milk tonight in preparation for them coming home with you this Saturday from
Leona McEwan

Leona McEwan

Next in our biography series is Leona McEwan and her wonderfully positive studio Bee Weave Creations. Leona has been a member of #artisansnorthwest for a few years now, but she was a perfect fit immediately, bringing her positivity to each member meeting and post about #artisansnorthwest. Leona tells us about herself in her own words.... I am a proud Canadian Fibre Artist from Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. I specialize in one of a kind, hand woven and felted, exquisitely crafted fibre art. I love creating unique tapestries, sophisticated and whimsical wall hangings, designer pillows and framed woolscapes that are inspired by Mother Nature, personal experiences, people and all things beautiful. I combine my love of colour, organic textures, shape and balance to create unique fibre Art for your home, office, business or cottage. I am always exploring and incorporating a variety of weaving techniques with natural fibres, hand spun yarn and natural materials that are lovingly woven or felted together to tell a story, share a memory or invoke an emotion that inspires you to smile and appreciate all the beauty and goodness in this tapestry of life. Recently, I have been incorporating the beautiful technique of needle, wet and Nuno felting into my creations. My joy continues as I create charming felted Christmas ornaments, adorable snowmen, eco- friendly fancy dryer balls, whimsical rabbits, folksy felted vegetables, little birdies, felted reusable journals with matching carrying cases, mini weavings and much more coziness. Heartfelt jewelry is the latest creative addition to Bee 🐝 Weave Creations. If you looking for a one of a kind statement piece for your special space? Or that perfect handmade gift for a loved one or for an upcoming occasion? If you would like a distinctive piece of Fibre Art, I would be thrilled to collaborate with you to design a very personalized piece that tells your story. Leona and her creations can be found at her website: http://bee-weave-creations.square.site/ but also she can be found at our #45thfineartandcraftshow on #november20and21 at the Da Vinci Centre . Leona is also participating in our online event which is on November 22 to 28 at ArtisansNorthwest.ca
Susan Wright- Cassan

Susan Wright- Cassan

Next in our biography series is Susan Wright Cassan and her studio, Woodnewe. Susan is along time member of the executive, and currently sits as the Selection chair. So she is often the first point of contact for local artisans who want to jury to become a member. Susan also has been on the Setup and Decoration committees for several years, working with a group of fellow artisans, starting each year's show with a fun morning together taping down everyone's booth dimensions in our layout. Susan tells us about herself in her own words..... I started woodworking in the mid 90's and purchased a small inexpensive scrollsaw. I wanted to make wooden tulips for the garden. Now 30 plus years later and now owning 2 much better scroll saws, I still haven't made those tulips. I fell in love with Intarsia which I’m self- taught at, I love seeing the natural wood grain and colours come through the finished product. Each piece is unique and natural in colour I can buy a piece of wood and it can sit there for several years before I can visualize its use in a product. Wood selection is very important in every piece that I create. To explain the process I have added the definition of Intarsia. “Intarsia is a woodworking technique that uses varied shapes, sizes, and species of wood fitted together to create a mosaic-like picture with an illusion of depth. Intarsia is created through the selection of different types of wood, using their natural grain pattern and colour to create variations in the pattern. After selecting the specific woods to be used within the pattern, each piece is then individually cut, shaped, and finished. Sometimes areas of the pattern are raised to create more depth. Once the individual pieces are complete, they are fitted together like a jig-saw puzzle and glued to a wooden backer-board, cut to the outline of the pattern, often with the intention of creating a three-dimensional effect.” I enjoy making pieces such as trees, blue herons, loons, elephants and various other creations. Special orders and consignments are welcome. This year I have added charcuterie boards for the show using sugar maple, black walnut, aspen, ash, maple and oak. All are food safe. Also new are wine barrel staves displaying wine bottles and glasses. Check out my Facebook page Woodnewe. Susan will also be at #artisansnorthwest's in person event on November 20th at 10am to 5pm and November 21st at 10am to 4pm. You can also find Woodnewe in our online show which takes place on November 22 at 9am to November 28 at midnight. Come down and check out Susan's wonderful designs and chat about the wood selection process she goes through!

This year, we are having an in-person event and an online event. This helps our members sell their work in the way they feel most comfortable and allows our patrons to shop in the way they feel most comfortable.


This year, we are having an in-person event and an online event. This helps our members sell their work in the way they feel most comfortable and allows our patrons to shop in the way they feel most comfortable.

On November 20 at 10am EST, our in person event will launch at the Da Vinci Centre. This event will continue the next day Sunday, November 21 from 10am to 4pm.

At all times during our in person event, all artisans, volunteers, and patrons must comply with Ontario Covid-19 protocols including, showing proof of vaccination at the entry of the Da Vinci Centre, and utilizing social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing while inside the show.

On November 22 at 9am EST, our online event will launch at ArtisansNorthwest.ca. This event will continue to Sunday, November 28 midnight.

At all times during our online event, all artisans, volunteers, and patrons must utilize social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing while dealing with artisans, volunteers and customers. To ensure that our artisans and patrons have less contact with each other, we will release on November 18th at 4pm the program for our in person event. This digital program will have a list of the artisans, their medium and their business name along with a map of our show. You will be able to download this digital program and have it on your personal device during the in person show. 

This year to celebrate a monumental anniversary, there will be interesting posts, bios, pictures, trivia, prizes and fun leading up until and during our in person and online show days.

On November 1, 2021 at 4pm we will announce what artisans are going to be present during the in person event this year. On November 10, 2021 at 4pm we will announce which artisans will be involved with our online event. 

We also wanted to celebrate this anniversary by refreshing our logo and branding, which will be unveiled on November 20th on our website. This new look has been designed by a committee of our members and then voted on by our entire membership. 

We are excited to share what we have been working on with you, and hope to see you on our in person event show days or our online event days!

From all of us in the meantime, stay safe, healthy, and if you are at all like all of us, have fun this fall being creative ! 

Artisans Northwest Virtual Art and Craft show 2020






You shopped our members work from the safety and comfort of your home.  In order to do so, you joined our Facebook Group, by clicking the buttons previously above. Once you had joined the group, you would have seen posts and biographies of the members that were involved in this years show, and would have seen contests that you could have entered, and videos of our members working.

As a member of our Facebook group you would have been able to see and shop our members albums of work as soon as they were published on Saturday, November 21 & Sunday, November 22

at 10am to 4pm EST


Each member in the virtual show has created a photo album of their work available in ANW Virtual show.

Each artisan will tell you in their album description:

-who they are, what they make, the name of their studio

-how they would like to commu